Growing up. Please slow it down.

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stop growing up
Three years old. It seems life begins to take off into a snowball effect at this age. She is no longer a baby and she is not grow up enough to know herself well. She is in the in-between age.

Growing up Marina
This is where I begin to get nostalgic. My baby is growing up! I KNOW there is no turning back now. Once this stage is gone, it’s gone.

Growing up Marina
What “consoles me”… if that’s even possible is that she will enter a new stage that I also ADORE! She is coming together now. She has a voice now. She has likes and dislikes. She defends herself. She puts in her opinion. She now knows she is part of something. Part of this crazy family who is even crazier about her. A family who adores her and that she knows she can do what she will with.

And we are ALL alright with that. 🙂