Let them be Princesses 

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  A few months ago I read an article about why we should not call our girls princesses and I couldn’t agree less! Marina is my third girl and every one of them has gone through this adorable stage. There is nothing this little girl likes that wearing her pretty dresses and there’s nothing I love more than capturing these fleeting moments.

 There’s three things about the Princess Stage you should know: they love it, it’s adorable and it doesn’t  last  long.

 While it lasts I try to capture every moment of it I can.  Marina is very much in touch with her princess side and she’s proud of it.  Whatever your little one is into and proud of, deserves at least a mini shoot.

 There was a fan so let’s use it! Get that dress and hair moving for fun new poses. Kiddos love it!

If your child does not want to cooperate, which many don’t, just getting a few images of them looking to the sides, down or up will also give you some amazing moments. Looking straight at the camera is not always the most desirable pose and these moments are just as beautiful.

“Do you see a bird?” Is all it took to get the side expression. It’s full of effort and subtle joy.
Time for a break!  I love how she moves into the couch now for some relaxing moments. Capture them!

This photo shoot things is exhausting! 🙂  You can get the hint when kiddo has enough. This mini photo shoot took about five minutes and she was done! Five minutes of attention from a three year old is a lot. 🙂 If you move fast and know what to look for, five minutes or less will be all you need.